How We Work

Collaboration. Coordination. Implementation.

It starts with a cup of coffee.

We like to meet over coffee to get to know each other. After chatting, we’ll all go away and consider whether it’s a good fit. If the answer is yes, we’ll move on to discuss, in-depth, where you are and where you want to be. Based on this meeting, we’ll present our observations and recommendations. We’re very good listeners. At the beginning of a relationship, that’s mostly what we do. We want to hear all the important details of your financial story so we can plan most effectively for your future goals and needs. In due course, we’ll bring in your other professional partners, coordinating your tax, legal, philanthropic, and estate planning, so that everything is as you wish.

Investment consultingInvestment Consulting

Our goal is to provide each of our clients with a customized investment portfolio solution, tailored to the stated purpose of their funds—philanthropic pursuits, education expenses, an active retirement, healthcare funding. We engage deeply and regularly to identify shifting goals and timelines for assets. We actively participate with our clients’ other professional advisors to ensure that the investment portfolio is meeting objectives from tax and estate planning perspectives as well.

Many of our clients come to us with a confusing array of investment products. Given an investment landscape crowded with asset choices, investment styles, and brands, we strive to reduce the number of esoteric holdings and focus on high quality, long-term instruments. We utilize various asset classes and vehicles, including individual U.S. Treasuries; corporate and municipal bonds; individual equities, exchange-traded and index funds; and actively managed, low-cost mutual funds. And we love the ongoing educational process of explaining what you own, why you own it, what it costs, and how will it assist you in fulfilling your long-term objectives.

Transition planning

Transition Planning

Life is full of transitions, some expected, like college and retirement. Some unexpected. Even planned transitions require adjusting to change. Good planning—college funding, long-term care insurance, health care directives, a succession plan if you own a business— ensures peace of mind. It’s not always easy. So for many clients we facilitate important discussions with all generations and stakeholders present, to plan for any eventuality.

Estate planning

Estate Planning

We will make sure that your legacy is carefully planned and that your wishes are adhered to. We can take a hands-on role in helping you get your estate planning up-to-date—or help you get started. We’ll facilitate a family meeting that brings the generations together, and include your accountants and legal counsel. Such meetings help with the distribution of heirlooms, and ensure that there are no surprises in the future. We can also help you establish an inventory of personal effects and a flow chart of assets once you’ve decided.

Retirement planning

Retirement Planning

We’ll help you prepare financially so you and your family are comfortably set in retirement. That’s the easy part. Retirement also can mean an emotional change, and it affects everyone differently. For those who enjoy work and routine, that can be challenging. Managing the change by creating a detailed and thorough financial plan can make the transition enjoyable.

Well before your target date, we’ll sit with you to discuss your vision for life in retirement—which may include work of a whole new type. Whatever it is, planning will provide structure, and can give you something to look forward to as the time draws near.

About that cup of coffee

If you’re ready for guidance and assistance in managing your wealth and affairs, let us know when and where you’d like to meet.

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